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Stephany Harty Mutiah Iskandar, usually called as Tia, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 25th September 1992. Tia started to learn music at age four by joining the Yamaha’s music course for children and studied with Grace Mariana and Amelia Djohan. Then, she had a private piano lesson with Justina Tjandra Saputra for 1 year. In 2003, she was accepted to study in Yayasan Pendidikan Musik (YPM) Music School with Justina Tjandra Saputra, Priska Budihardjo, and Levi Gunardi. She graduated from the school in 2011 with the High Honor 1st prize and received several prizes during her study there, including The 2011 YPM Artist Award, The 2011 YPM Gold Medal, The 2011 Franz Liszt Prize, The Mozart Medal, Award for Most Outstanding Performance, Award for Promising Playing, etc. In 2011, She was accepted to Royal Conservatory of The Hague for bachelor study in classical piano with minor in music education. She received her Bachelor of Music in Classical Piano and Certificate of Music Education in 2015. Currently, she is studying in the same institution for the European Joint Master of Music in New Audiences and Innovative Practise (NAIP), while doing a second bachelor study in Music Theory.

She is a classical piano student of Ellen Corver and a singing student of Kees Jan de Koning. She was studying collaborative piano with Han Louis Meijer, Sepp Grotenhuis and Hans Eijsackers. She received chamber music training from Frank van de Laar, Ásdís Valdimarsdottir, Ilona Sie Dhian Ho, Gerard Bouwhuis, Pierre Woudenberg, Larrisa Groenenveld, and Paul Scheepers. She followed piano masterclasses from Matti Raekalio, Jacques Rouvier, Lilya Zilberstein, Jun Kanno, Ralf Nattkemper, Friediemann Rieger, Felix Gottlieb, Justas Dvarionas, Uta Weyand, Naum Grubert, David Kuyken, Harimada Kusuma. She followed masterclasses and guidances in duo voice and piano playing from Angelika Kirschlager, Rita Dams, Maurice Lammerts van Bueren, Maria Acda-Maas, Lennie van den Heuvel, Sasja Hunnego, Caroline Drewes. Together with Japanese violinist Yuka Sato, she played for Stanley Hoogland in the masterclass for duo. She also received guidances in fortepiano playing from masterclasses with Bart van Oort and Shuann Chai. She was actively participating in the Internationale Klavierakademie Murrhardt (2012) and Pianale Klavierakademie (2013). She was the 1st prize (2003) and 5th prize (2004) winner of Yamaha Music Festival in Jakarta, 4rd prize winner in Joy Music Festival (2002) in Jakarta.

She has performed in Indonesia, Germany, and The Netherlands as solo pianist, collaborative artist, chamber musician, and orchestral player. She has collaborated as duo with the Japanese violinist Yuka Sato, Portuguese Soprano Carolina Meneses João, Portuguese Soprano Mariana Picado, Dutch soprano Wendy Krikken, Dutch mezzo-Soprano Veronique van der Meijden, Dutch Bariton Jorne van Bergeijk, Dutch Tenor Maarten Stevens, Indonesian Soprano Marlina Deasy Hartanto, and has been working and performing together regularly with Dutch Soprano Charlotte Munnik since 2012. She is also a chamber music lover who has been involving in various ensembles with varied repertoires ranging from Brahms Piano Trio to Tam Tam by Diderik Wagenaar. She often works with the living composers to perform new pieces, for instance with Krists Auznieks and Juan Albarracín, with whom she recorded pieces for the theater “Ophelia After Hamlet” that played in Germany and The Netherlands. In 2015, she received a privilege to work directly and extensively with Dutch prominent composer Diderik Wagenaar to perform one of his biggest composition for ensemble : Tam Tam for 12 instrumentalists. As an orchestral player, she has played piano and celesta with several orchestras and ensembles, such as Nieuw Geluid Orchestra, D.V.S. Accordeon Vereniging, Royal Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra, Royal Conservatoire Brass and Percussion Ensemble, with several conductors such as Jac van Steen, Ali Groen, Alex Schillings, and Joop van Strien. As an accompanist, she has played for Wassenaar Vocaliter (conducted by Frank de Groot), Koor Rainbow Colors (conducted by Svetlana Terpougova), Menorah Koor Gouda (conducted by Hermy Wiechers). Currently, she plays for Eurythmic Lessons in Rudolf Steiner College, Dameskoor Sarabande (conducted by Svetlana Terpougova), New Voices Koor (conducted by Anneke Blanken), and for the services at Christengemeenschap De Goede Herder and Don Bosco (Den Burgh) Community Rijswijk.

In the beginning of 2014, she was chosen to play in a series of Lied Duo Concerts in Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh (Utrecht), Kasteel Keukenhof (Lisse), De Kapelzaal Oude Vest (Leiden), and Dr. Anton Philipszaal (The Hague). The performance in Anton Philipzaal was also broadcasted by Radio 4 NL. She has been playing and acting in the project "Salone dell'Opera" in Amerongen and Vught since 2012. Together with Charlotte Munnik, she was invited to play for the Opening Concert of The Picture Exhibition by Dutch Cartoonist Len Munnik in Breda in 2012. She was collaborating with Mime Group Optie Z and Dutch Bas-Bariton Marc Pantus in 2013 as part of the project "Iedereen is Don Quichotte" of the Nieuw Geluid Orchestra. Together with Dutch Soprano Wendy Krikken, she was playing in De Doelen (Rotterdam) as part of the "De vrolijke Franz" concert in October 2014.

In 2013, she was invited to give concert and masterclass in Amabile Music Studio in Bali, Indonesia. As an educator, she gave Paedagogical Piano Lessons in Royal Conservatory of The Hague and worked in Petrof Music School in Tangerang (Indonesia), and Talent Music Studio in Jakarta (Indonesia). Currently, she lives in The Hague and giving private piano lesson in her studio.

Besides her passion in playing piano, she also enjoys composing, improvising and playing Indonesian ethnical instruments, such as Balinese Gamelan, Kolintang, and Angklung. She is also a marching band enthusiast as she was a marching band player (Playing Mellophone) of PSUMB in Jakarta.


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